So I’m getting married

13 Feb

Who wants to know about the most bizarre proposal ever? Here’s what happened…

Mitch called me Friday night to say goodnight, as he had to leave town to attend to a family matter. As we were talking, he mentioned that his grandmother asked when we were getting married. He told her that we would be getting married next year. She was pretty excited.

I said, “Really?” I thought, hmm, that’s news to me. So then I asked, are we really getting married next year? He said I guess. I said so does that mean we’re engaged again? He suggested I get my engagement ring out of the drawer by the bed.

So I was like, I guess we’re engaged. I called him Saturday morning to confirm if we were in fact, engaged. He said no, and then I said whatever, we’re engaged.

Later, I went to go buy him a ring. When he came home, I gave him said ring. I asked him if I had to get down on one knee. He said yes. I said, no I’m not going to do that because the floor is dirty. So I put a ring on it (by “it,” I mean his ring finger). Yeah, like the Beyonce song.

Here’s a video of the song. I know it’s totally in your head now.

Anyway, I guess it’s legit now. I’m going to make him an honest man.

I know this story is pretty silly and it isn’t meant to make the engagement seem frivolous. Here’s the truth. Mitch and I were previously engaged, we broke it off, got back together and now the time is right. Life isn’t perfect.

I really couldn’t imagine my life without him because when he isn’t around, it’s pretty boring and sad. He’s pretty much the funniest person I know, my best friend and partner in crime. He also drives me bananas. The boy can get on my nerves. But that’s relationships. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Relationships aren’t perfect.

Next year, it will be our 10-year anniversary. I still remember that cute boy who sat in pre-calculus (Did I make better grades than him? I should ask his mom for his report card. Did I mention we’re super competitive?). I totally gave him my number on a piece of notebook paper. I’m glad he called me. Anyway, it’s the perfect time to celebrate it by making our union official under the law, God, taxes, my insurance at work, the dogs’ veterinarian.

We’re very happy about all of this. I couldn’t imagine all of this happening any other way.


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