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Goals are good

31 May

I’ve fervently been on the job hunt lately, and one place in particular asked a very interesting question: What are your goals for the next year, three years and 10 years?


I really hadn’t thought about that in a long time. I’m typically a very organized person and I usually have my little road map for life (or so I think), but ever since I graduated from grad school, things have been less-than-planned. This can be good because I think it’s important to have spontaneous, unplanned moments in life, but I also know I need some direction right now. So it was a great question to think about and I’m really glad I got some responses down!

Here are my goals. They are numbered, but really they aren’t in any order. I just did it to keep track of the number of goals I have.

One year goals
1. Train for and finish my first full marathon
2. Start to repay and lower my debt
3. Continue to roll out my graphic design business
4. Grow artistically and creatively
5. Strengthen my personal relationships with the people I care about
6. Stay happy and healthy both physically and mentally

Three years
1. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
2. Get strong enough to teach fitness classes for fun
3. Be nearly debt-free
4. Visit other continents (and run in each of them!)
5. Establish myself as an innovator in web and media development

10 year goals
1. Write a book
2. Consider getting a doctoral degree
3. Be totally debt free
4. Consider having or adopting a kiddo
5. Have money saved up
6. Continue to be happy and satisfied with life!

Think about your goals. This is a great exercise. I remember someone once told me that people who wrote down their goals were 75% more likely to achieve them. That’s a pretty good stat if you ask me.