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Two cultures come together. Let’s not make the music clash.

26 Mar

Mitch and I have always been passionate fans of music. In fact, I would say that was one of the things that helped us connect at the start of our relationship.

For our wedding, we’re hoping to provide a good mix of music that embodies what we like, but also songs that our friends and family will enjoy dancing to. It’s been a little tough, though, trying to balance the cumbias, country songs, Justin Timberlake (he’s his own category) and hipster-y dance/folk/whatever we like.

So here’s a peek at our playlist, which is in no particular order at the moment. I’m looking for more songs in Spanish. Suggestions are welcome.


How will the new Myspace profile design affect musicians?

16 Jul

In case you haven’t heard, Myspace is beginning to demo a new profile layout on its site. Mashable posted a story yesterday that showed what the new profile design will look like.


Photo from Mashable.com

Some are comparing the new layout to that of Facebook’s, which I could agree with. I think the most interesting aspect of this new layout is a module that allows users to follow people on multiple social networks in addition to a Myspace profile. This is pretty smart especially for those that don’t want to manage finding a user on different sites.

Myspace has experienced a diminishing community with the rise of Facebook, but it is still a powerful promotion tool for musicians, which is the community Myspace originally focused on at its inception. I’m interested in knowing what musicians think about the new layout because it looks like it will vastly change the typical design. I’ve been doing a little research lately on music marketing and it seems like musicians prefer Myspace because it is easy to upload their music and promote shows versus Facebook, which requires users to add applications in order to get some of the same tools.

Are you a musician? What do you think about it? Is this good or bad?