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SXSW 2010 Interactive wrap up

17 Mar

Interactive went by so fast. I can’t believe this portion of the festival is over. I learned a lot from the panels I attended and had a great time.

Interactive Town Hall

One panel I wish I would have attended was the Interactive Town Hall, where attendees could ask questions and address concerns regarding the Interactive festival. However, Omar Gallaga, the tech writer at the Austin-American Stateman, provided a great synopsis of what was said by those who attended and remarks from SXSW organizers Hugh Forrest and Shawn O’Keefe.

Much of the comments centered on the Evan Williams keynote, which Forrest admitted could have been more compelling.

My Last Panel

The last panel I took in was Geeky and Wonky in DC and featured Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs. He discussed the open government movement and DC Week. Check out the video, which has his full presentation.

This panel was really a part of a rapid succession of presenters who spoke for about 10 minutes each. I had intended to see the Twitter and Photography panel, but then realized I was at the tail end of it. Nonetheless, Corbett had some pretty cool stuff to say.

Final Thoughts

Interactive is always fun because it’s a great gathering of brilliant people that motivate you to learn, create and build upon everything related to technology. My only criticisms would be that none of the keynotes really blew me away like last year and I feel like maybe it’s a little too big now. Panels were held at the Courtyard and Radisson, but I never felt compelled to venture outside of the Austin Convention Center or Hilton. Nonetheless, there was so much to choose from in terms of panels. I’ll be looking forward to next year’s conference.

I’ll probably be heading out to Interactive Closing Party and maybe checking out Motorhead at the Austin Music Hall tonight. Say hi!