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Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs and iPhone 4 users will get a bumper. Yay.

16 Jul

I watched/read liveblogging of Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference this afternoon like any good tech geek should.

Full disclosure: I don’t have an iPhone 4. I don’t plan on buying one anytime soon either because I’m perfectly happy with my 3GS. I could generally say I love using Apple products too. However, I never really thought Steve Jobs’ and Apple’s handling of the whole iPhone 4 issue was done very well. Jobs is considered to be a stubborn fellow when it comes to his business practices, but it’s that stubborness that has produced some amazing products that consumers love.


Nevertheless, I remain skeptical about the fix and I think Apple had a whole public relations debacle they didn’t address properly. I think they are still being rude and condescending about it. But will this whole experience really change my mind about Apple or not make me a customer? Not really. They’re still better than a PC. I don’t necessarily have an interest in buying an Android phone. That’s just me.

I’m not sure if this is a genuine fix, but if giving people free bumpers, an exchange or refund is what makes them happy, then cool. I wouldn’t totally be down with someone suggesting to me to stick a piece of rubber around my phone in order to make it work better. I stick a piece of rubber around my phone because I like the color pink and I drop my phone a lot. But if that tickles your fancy, then more power to you.

Look, no smartphone has ever been spectacular at making phone calls, especially iPhones. When I lost my second iPhone (I know. Bad iPhone owner!), I used my sister’s old Samsung Blackjack from 2005 for six months until I could upgrade my phone. While the technology was outdated and web browsing was generally a terrible experience on the Blackjack, I never had a dropped call the entire time I used it. As soon as I got my new iPhone, it was back to dropped calls.

Anyway, just don’t death grip your iPhone again. Or I guess any other smartphone for that fact. That’s what Steve Jobs said.