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Christmas means being grateful for those obnoxious pink pajamas

25 Dec

It’s 9 a.m. Christmas Day.

By this point, I have Christmas No.1 knocked out with my boyfriend Mitchell’s family, which is held Christmas Eve. Only two more to go…

After seven years, this sort of Christmas has become a routine. I pack up my car with gifts, food, two hyperactive mini dachshunds and drive from Central Texas to the tiny South Texas town where I grew up, Cuero. I arrive at my mom’s, prepare any last minute food, sit down, have a tamale or two with my mom, and head out to meet with Mitchell’s family.

His family’s gatherings remind me of the ones we used to have as a child, which is why I enjoy spending my Christmas Eve’s with them. His grandmother’s home is filled with his aunts and uncles, close family friends, little cousins (all boys, mind you), dogs, lots of food, and presents. The boys run around with plastic guns, soccer balls, cans of soda as gift wrap flies around the room where the Christmas tree and gifts reside.

It’s a stark contrast from the Christmases with my Mom and Dad, respectively. They are much more low-key. My dad’s closest relatives live hundreds and hundreds of miles away in deep south Mexico. Cousins from my mom’s side of the family live near, but we usually don’t get together. So Christmas No. 2 begins with my mom, sister, her boyfriend, my niece and Mitchell. Christmas No. 3 is spent with my dad and stepmom.

While things have changed since I was a child, I’m starting to appreciate these smaller gatherings more. My parents are getting older and I understand how important it is to spend time with them. Last year, my mom was diagnosed with Stage Four Ovarian Cancer. It was a scary time, but she’s fought it with a might. She’s doing great and being, well, my mom. Even though she gave Mitch and I an early Christmas present of a new dryer (it’s AMAZING), she still gave me the hideous pair of pajamas I’ve come to expect. It’s become amusing now.

I’ll humor her and wear the obnoxious pink PJs later…